NexGen Aviation Capital is a global aircraft asset manager and investor, focused on commercial aviation assets and businesses.

We provide industry-leading aircraft investment and lease management services for our world-class investment partners. With proprietary capital plus a successful track record for our outside investors, we seek deals in both specific investment theses and opportunistic situations.

Aircraft Investing

NexGen Aviation Capital is an investor and asset manager in commercial aircraft and engines, having executed approximately $1 billion of aircraft transactions with particular emphasis on the following strategies:

-Mid-life and older commercial aircraft with multiple re-marketing strategies including freighter conversion and disassembly

-Freighter aircraft of all sizes and generations

-New generation aircraft offering step-function improvement in airline operating economics.









Leasing/Asset Management

NexGen Aviation Capital provides its investor partners the full suite of leasing and asset management services, utilizing over 35 years of in-house experience combined with a global network of specialized service providers. Asset management services span the full lifecycle of an aircraft investment.

Origination, Valuation & Structuring

-Investor Specific Origination
-Robust Pricing Modeling
-Conservative Deal Valuation
-Flexible Structuring Including Operating Lease, Finance Lease, Lease to Part-Out, Asset Trading, and Creative Debt Structures

Lease Management

-Aircraft Delivery, Technical Acceptance
-Rent Invoicing and Payment Tracking
-Maintenance Oversight and Financial Management
-Periodic Operator Audit: Financial/Credit, Technical/Operational, and Administrative
-Updates to Lease Agreement, Notices, Financial Escalations
-Repossession Management

Marketing & Remarketing

-Direct Operator Contacts
-Industry-wide Coverage via Network, Publications, Brokers
-New Operator Value Proposition
-Price Management
-Sale and Lease Negotiation and Structuring

Storage & End of Life Management

-Harvest Engines
-Disassembly, Part Out Sales
-Storage Facility Management
-Storage Program Management & Optimization

Founder Bio

Farhood Azima, Founder and Principal

Farhood founded NexGen Aviation Capital in 2007 as a platform for principal investing in aircraft assets and aviation companies. Under his leadership NexGen has led over $1 billion in aircraft transactions.

Farhood's experience combines executive management, principal investing, and management consulting, with a family legacy spanning 40 years in the aviation industry. Prior to NexGen, Farhood served as head of strategy and business development for Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (nasdaq AAWW), holding responsibility for corporate strategy, fleet transactions, corporate development, and new business initiatives. On behalf of Atlas, Farhood led over $4 billion in transactions including an order with Boeing as a launch customer for the B747-8F.

Farhood spent the first 5 years of his career as a management consultant at Ernst & Young. Farhood holds a BS in Finance and International Business from New York University's Stern School of Business, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

NexGen Aviation Capital is located in Puerto Rico.


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